Saturday, January 29, 2022

Winter's light

Light isn't everything in photography, but it's a lot.

I don't like most of what winter has to offer, but the light can be marvelous in late afternoon. Here's the M/V Tina Bowling of Crounse Corp. passing old Lock and Dam 27 this evening. This was taken in the last hour before sunset.

Crounse boats look especially good in this light. It must have to do with the shade of white paint they use.

In this particular photo, the presence of snow on the brown landscape helps. It's the reason I went, actually. About eleven years ago I got a photo of the Linda Reed coming down the river in winter. The snowy landscape played a big role in making that picture.

30 days, 30 pictures Part 14

 Sometimes you have your good camera with you when you're down by the river. Sometimes you don't and you see what would make a good image. You try your best.

In this case, I used a swing to frame the shot so the Crouse boat wouldn't be so lost.