Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coal-fired power plant canceled

American Municipal Power says it will not build a new coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio, as the price of the plant has increased significantly in recent months.

The plant was proposed for a site along the Ohio River. Now the company has to decide whether to build a different kind of plant on the site or pursue other strategies of meeting demand.

More, including local reaction, is available here and here. And here.

Happy Thanksgiving, all

As a character said in the most recent Indiana Jones movie, I've reached the point where life stops giving and starts taking away. But tonight I wrestled on the living room floor with a 5-year-old niece and a 3-year-old niece, along with my 10-year-old son. It was fun.

A week ago, I got so down about my employment situation that I started thinking of myself as Job. Then I read the first chapter or two of that book, and I remembered that all my troubles (that I know about) are financial. I and mine are healthy, and despite a few rough spots we get along. If money problems are the worst things in my life, I'm still truly blessed.

Enjoy the holiday.

Another pedestrian bridge over the Ohio

For a while, I've wanted to get down to Cincinnati to try out the Purple People Bridge, a pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River. After that will have to be a big project down in Louisville, where they're turning an old railroad bridge into a pedestrian bridge.

Fundraising is still going on. But it should be something grand when it's done.