Saturday, October 6, 2018

A horizontal rainbow at Greenup

Today I was at the Greenup Locks and Dam to get up-close photos of some boats, but I came away with something I had never seen before — a horizontal rainbow.

We had just had a sunshower. That's when it's all bright sunlight but pouring rain. The rain was short-lived. I was planning to walk back down closer to the river when  I looked  toward the dam and saw this.

For reference, I'm on the Kentucky side a little above the dam itself but not above the end of the guide wall. The green trees in the middle of the picture are along the river. Behind them is four-lane U.S. 52. Then you see the rainbow and behind it are the Ohio hills.

From what little I have read tonight about horizontal rainbows, they may or may not be rare here  in the United States. If I've ever seen one before, I don't remember it.

Either way, they are cool. Really cool.