Saturday, April 13, 2013

M/V Michael J. Grainger

It passed Huntington this evening upbound. To see a photo, click here.

Here and there

First, from Google Stats it looks like my, uh, fans in Russia had a great time on this blog yesterday. I had a much higher-than-average number of visits, and a lot were from the land of Tchaikovsky.

But seriously, folks, today I took Adam to his grandmother's for the weekend. On the way up the river, we saw the AEP Legacy downbound pushing empties and a boat we could not identify entering the Gallipolis locks downbound with what looked like coal loads. Adam said he figured from the look of the pilothouse it was a St. Louis Ship boat. From what I could find later, it was the Harry R. Jacobson, which is indeed a St. Louis Ship boat.

Also on the way up the West Virginia side, we saw the Charleston at O-Kan harbor at Gallipolis. It was between 9:30 and 10 a.m., and the light at the time made the white paint on the boat pop really sweet. Too bad it was at a spot where we couldn't stop and get a good picture. And we noticed a smaller boat over that was wrapped in plastic. Or so it looked.

I took the Ohio side home and saw the Kentucky upbound.

And that was my excitement for today.

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