Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silver Bridge book

I hope the folks at the Point Pleasant River Museum don't mind, but I'm going to lift something from their Facebook page and give them a plug. It's for a book that I bought and enjoy, partly because I remember the event, and partly because it's a good book anyway if you're into bridges or disasters.

Our book "The Silver Bridge Disaster of 1967" was released 10/1/2012. I recently checked with the company and this is what I found out: The company has sold a total of 3375 copies of our book since 10/1/2012. The number they shoot for in the first year is 1200 copies and then every year after that about 600 copies. So all in all they told me our book has outsold the average Arcadia book in its first two years. Martha and I continue to have book signings and if you purchase one at the Point Pleasant River Museum we will personally autograph it for you. The cost of the book (including tax) is $23.31. We have mailed many to those who cannot come to the museum. The museum is located at 28 Main St., Point Pleasant, WV and the telephone number is 304-674-0144.

If you ever make it to the museum, ask to talk with Martha or Ruth Fout. They're delightful people.