Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A nice person on a nice day

There are some nice people who live along the Ohio River.

Adam and I have a rule when we're looking for new locations to get river pictures. We stay on the public right of way unless someone specifically invites us onto their private property. Sometimes we don't know what's public and what's private. At those times, we look for litter or other signs of frequent public use.

There are times when I'm shooting and someone invites me to use his back yard. That happened today in Chesapeake, Ohio. I was there to cover a meeting in Huntington. I had about a half hour before I had to be in City Hall, so I went to Harris Riverfront Park and saw a Viking with AEP colors coming under the 6th Street bridge. I stood in a narrow street until a man standing beside a house told me, "Use the yard. Everybody else does." So I stood at the top of the riverbank and got this shot of the M/V R.L. Carter Jr. passing beautiful downtown Huntington.

I looked for the man, but I didn't see him. I should have knocked on his door, probably.

Whoever you were, thanks. And I do plan to knock on your door the next nice day I'm on your street.