Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shooting on Sunday

Adam and I were out getting more pictures today. Here are a few.

The Marathon had been downriver. Here it's passing South Point, Ohio, on its way to drop off the empties at Kenova., W.Va.

We saw the O. Nelson Jones, formerly the Pennsylvania, formerly the L. Fiore, at 311 fleet. I shot the first photo. I handed the camera to Adam, and he shot like two rolls of film trying to get the proper framing with trees in the foreground.

When it was renamed a few weeks ago, the owner, AmherstMadison, put the corporate logo on the stacks.

Then we did the thing where I drive over the bridge and he shoots. Traffic, low light, blah, blah, blah. But we got some pictures anyway.

Protecting too much?

Damages from major floods could be reduced if floodwalls and levees weren't built so close to rivers. In other words, we might be trying to protect too much land from floods, and in doing so we endanger the rest. That's one idea discussed by an expert in this Scientific American interview.