Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wake's up

The M/V Stephen T passed by Huntington lightboat at a pretty good speed, kicking up wake that was irresistible to this guy.

I didn't get to see him fall off his craft, as the splash was high enough to hide his fall.

Two down

The second of my three children graduated from high school yesterday. Here Joey, the one who gets so frustrated with me when I have to stop and get a river photo, receives his congratulatory handshake from Suzanne McGinnis Oxley, the president of the Cabell County Board of Education, while Superintendent Bill Smith, to Joey's right, looks on.

As I've said before, Joey might not have worn all sorts of ribbons and sashes and ropes, but he's an intelligent kid young man who works hard and has a strong sense of doing what needs to be done. He reports to Marine Corps boot camp in August. I'm going to miss him.

This afternoon, it's back to the river.