Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few more ice pictures and that's it

In a day or two, we're supposed to get a break from this cold weather. The temperature will get above freezing and we might see some rain. In other words, we're going from ankle-deep snow to ankle-deep mud.

Before that happens, allow me to post a few more cold-weather photos from along and above the Ohio River here at Huntington WV.

First, my favorite bridge.

And a few ducks finding the Northwest Passage.

The ice-water interface for a big chunk of ice floating down the river.

Here's an image that interests me for the varying shades of blue.

Finally, the mv. Mary Ellen Jones passes Huntington. I got this one Monday on the 6th Street bridge. Unlike Sunday, I wasn't expecting to be out in the cold long, so I wasn't as layered up. It was sure cold up there.

The photo of the Mary Ellen Jones lacks a lot of detail because I took the resolution way down to post it here. It's a nice shot in the original.

Anyway, I guess I'd better find some way to prepare for the mud. I almost want cold weather to stay until spring if that would keep the mud out of my house and car.

Actually, not.