Monday, May 9, 2011

A few boats

A few days ago I put up some pictures of the Omar when it was in my area. Here are a few other boats I shot the same evening.

The Dennis T. Delaney at 311 fleet.

Same boat, same place, different angle.

MAP Runner.

Orleanian at Boggs Landing.

Garry Lacey.

Enterprise Star.

And a barge.

Close to normal in the middle river

While folks on the lower part of the Ohio River are still dealing with high water, up here in Huntington the river is almost back to normal levels. I went by Harris Riverfront Park this morning and saw that the lower areas where people walk and fish are out of the water now, but they're covered with several inches of mud. The forecast has the river falling another two or three feet by Saturday morning.

Sooner or later, the cleanup will begin. The  question is whether the boat ramps and such will be ready for Memorial Day weekend. We'll have to see.