Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ice. Ice. More ice.

After spending some time whining that we haven't had much river ice here in the Huntington WV area despite the prolonged cold spell, I finally got to see and photograph some of it today in two separate sessions. I might have gotten what I call a book-quality photo.

There are lots of photos waiting to be edited. The plan now is to put some up tonight to whet your  appetite and post a few more tomorrow when I have some time to edit them.

So here are the first four for your enjoyment.

First, my favorite bridge spanning an icy river.

Earlier in the day, a boat went down the river (I think), clearing a narrow channel. Later in the day, the M/V Jackie Englert came up the river and cleared a wider path.

Here is beautiful downtown Huntington, also known as America's Best Community, located less than an hour west of hip, historic Almost Heaven downtown Charleston, beside an icy river.

And here is how downtown Huntington looked from the other side of the river.

One more: The M/V Linda Edith Tripp (I think) pushing 15 coal barges down the Ohio.

Perhaps more tomorrow unless enough people complain about all the ice.