Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday on the Ohio River

I saw a lot of boats on the Ohio River today. The big workboats, yeah, but also a lot of pleasure craft. And I discovered a place that functions as an ocean beach, only it's an Ohio River beach. Pickup trucks and Jeeps drove down to the river bank. One family set up a beach umbrella and placed plastic chairs in the water while little kids waded. I'm not sure that was the safest thing — the dropoff can be pretty deep — but this particular family looked like they had done this before.

Oh well, it's back to work tomorrow.

Simulated piloting

I didn't get to make it up to the Point Pleasant River Museum a week or two ago to get a preview of the pilot simulator because of other stuff I had to do at the office. However, Adam and I did make it there yesterday,

Because no one else was there, Adam got about five straight turns on the simulator, with each lasting four minutes. He has decided it's his favorite video game, and he keeps asking me when we can go back.

I plan to go back soon. Adam plans to go back again and again and again ...