Tuesday, July 14, 2015

M/V Michael T. Somales christening, part 2

Here are some photos of the signs and equipment on the boat.

First, the corporate logo mounted under the front of the pilothouse.

Then the stack logo.

Rigging stored in the starboard and port towing knees, respectively.

We can't forget this engine.

I found this sign to be interesting.

And this piece of equipment, mainly because I liked how the rain formed into drops on its surface.

Next: Some of the people at the ceremony.

M/V Michael T. Somales christening, part 1

I've selected about 30 photos from the June 20 christening of the M/V Michael T. Somales and the subsequent wedding of the boat's namesake and his fiance. I'll post them in several batches over the next couple of days.

First, a look at the boat itself. Be aware that this was a gray and rainy day. In a few pictures you might see some smudges on the left side where a couple of raindrops may have gotten on the inner part of a lens as I was changing them.

Now in black and white as an experiment.

Next: Signs and equipment on the boat.