Monday, August 1, 2011

Benwood bridge coming down at last?

It looks like the old Ohio River bridge at Wheeling, the one that's been closed for 20 years, might be closer to coming down. We'll have to see if this time is it.

Junk fleet still moving

In March 2010, I got photos of the "junk fleet" of small towboats heading up the Ohio River to a scrap yard in Pittsburgh -- Evan Wharton, Tater Bug, Anita Domino, Pam D, Trojan, Bud Weber, Big Daddy and Shannon Holston.

The Evan Wharton was to be doing all the pushing and would escape the cutting torch, but ...

On vessel locations Sunday evening, I saw the Anita Domino listed as downbound in the Montgomery pool. I looked on the Monongahela River and saw the Shannon Holston still moving. Last week I saw the Tater Bug on the Kanawha River, turning into the Elk River with one barge.

It makes me wonder how many other of the junk fleet are still working.