Tuesday, June 12, 2018

M/V Bernard P

The third tow (that we know of) of supplies for the ethane cracker under construction at Monaca,  Pa., passed through the Huntington area today. I went to Ashland, Ky., intending to get just one picture, but on the way back up the river, I saw so many boats that I wondered if I would ever get home. Every time I started walking to the car, I saw something that needed to be in a picture.

Anyway, here are four photos of the Bernard P. More may come later.

First,  passing under the highway bridges at Ashland, Ky.

I had considered going up on the sidewalk of the green bridge and getting an overhead shot, but I did that with the Mister Mac and I wanted to try something different.

Next, an overhead view of the cargo.

And of the boat and its cargo.

Finally, passing the Highlawn neighborhood of Huntington,  as seen from across the river at Bradrick, Ohio.

There are lots more photos on two memory cards. That means lots more blog entries to come.