Monday, February 3, 2014

Will this winter never end?

I'm in one of those phases of life where everything comes at you all at once and something has had to give -- in this case, blogging.

Since this site started four and a half years ago, social media have changed, and I have to wonder what the Ohio River Blog should be: a photo site, a news aggregation site, a collection of Top 10 and Top 5 lists, a personal diary ... what?

As I sort that out, here are three pictures from recent days.

First, ice.

I understand that the bend in the Ohio River at Parkersburg WV and Belpre OH was pretty nasty last week as far as ice was concerned. Down my way it wasn't so bad. There was ice from shore to shore, but for the most part it was not solid. Last Thursday morning I did make my way down to the shore with Adam's old point-and-shoot camera (my own camera has decided to stop working for a while) and got some pictures of ice slabs that must have been between an inch and a half and two inches thick.

Yesterday I went up the river, and there was still ice clinging to the shore, particularly in bends.

I stopped at the parkfront at Gallipolis OH to see the new sign they have.

That leaves Huntington WV as the main community around here that does not anything along the riverfront to say where you are. I guess people in Huntington figure if you've made it this far, you know where you are. It was kind of like the white powder scares after 9/11. People here figured that if terrorists were attacking Huntington, the rest of the nation must be gone because we would be pretty low on their priority list.

Finally, as I passed the Gavin power plant on a dreary day I noticed how the tops of the smoke stakcs were lost in the fog, part of which was created by the plant itself.

And that was my excitement for the past week.

You may envy me at your leisure.