Sunday, December 10, 2017

M/V Amber Brittany

Back when I started this blog in 2009, I had a series of my 10 favorite towboats on the Ohio River. In the years since, I have considered adding a second 10, as there have been some new boats that are worth going out of your way to get pictures of.

So let us place on the second edition of the Top 10 list the M/V Amber Brittany. I like the color scheme, the lines and the overall balance of the boat's design. How it handles or what it's like to live on for two or three weeks at a time, I have no idea, but it sure looks nice.

I had to run up to Point Pleasant today. I got to see just as it was entering the Robert C. Byrd Gallipolis locks. I figured I would catch it again if I came back down on the Ohio side, which I did as it passed Gallipolis.

Here are five pictures. The first four are pretty much straight out of the camera except for some cropping and resizing. I yielded to temptation and played with the fifth image a little bit.

One final point: The pilot wasn't letting any moss (?) grow on his propellers today.  That boat was moving.