Friday, March 9, 2012

Three more days

With Daylight Savings Time almost upon us, I can look forward to maybe a few towboat chases in the evening after work. With my schedule now, I've been getting home around dark, leaving little time to look for new boats or old boats in unfamiliar locations.

At work, I have three days left with my window overlooking the Kanawha River. My coworkers, many of whom I've known for less than a year, know of my interest in the boats that go by. Some of my friends have even learned the names of a few of the boats.

This week I'd not seen any pass my window, then today I saw three in a short time. First there was the Marlie Price...

... then the Escatawpa ...

... and finally the Drew Scott.

Here you can see the green water of the Kanawha and the muddy brown water coming out of the Elk, which is right next to where I work now.

On Thursday, Ill sit at my new desk. Across from me will be a TV sports anchor. Behind me will be one of the younger reporters who I spend a lot of time working with. The only window will look out at ground level on a city street. I'll miss that window. I remember the thrill when I looked out and saw the new Marathon coming up the Kanawha.

And a few weeks later, I saw it again.

You don't get that looking out at whatever it is across the street from where I'll be. I guess I'll just have to pack a lunch and take it over to Haddad Riverfront Park every now and then. And a camera, too.