Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coal tar removal

Some coal tar that has been in the Ohio River along the bank in Hancock County, W.Va., north of Wheeling is being removed. Details are scant, though.

No cigar this time, either

This evening I saw a scene I have wanted to photograph for some time now, but the boat was too far away and moving uncharacteristically fast. The traffic lights worked against me, too. By the time I got to where I wanted to be, the boat was in the wrong spot. If I'd only seen it five minutes earlier. Oh well.

Up the river, into the evening

A Dravo 3200 (or Steel series ... whatever is appropriate), the evening sun, the Ohio River, a loaded tow ... always a good shot.

Adam and I have this debate going about which Dravo boats make better pictures -- the 3200 series or the Viking series. We're thinking about a series of blog entries where different boats face off to see who is more photogenic. Sort of like a rap battle without the profanity and the beat.

I'll not say who favors which series. Yet.