Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few thoughts

1. The Ohio River here at Huntington was a nice color this evening -- sort of a greenish gray, or a grayish green. It contrasted nicely with all the snow on the banks and on the hills. I'm more of a spring and summer guy than a winter guy, but for a few minutes at a time I can enjoy the sight of snow everywhere. But it's getting to be too much.

2. This past weekend, I had to go to Gallipolis OH for some family matters. While there, I went up to Mound Hill Cemetery and enjoyed the view of the Ohio Valley. You have an unobstructed view for miles and miles up there. It was the first time I'd been up there when snow covered everything. It looked great, and I got some nice pictures. I even saw a towboat with snow-covered barges going upriver. It's one of my favorite spots along the river.

3. I've done some number crunching, and I might post the results tomorrow.

4. Did I say I'm ready for winter to end? I've changed my radiator water in a 60-below wind chill because the stuff froze on me on my drive to work. I survived the coldest night of the century (minus 18 or something like that) in a house with little heat, and I walked most of a mile to get stuff for the family after the Blizzard of '93 blew through. Those events were in and out, over and done quickly. This winter has dragged on and on like none I can remember since the late 1970s. I'm weary of fighting the cold and the snow.

5. My job prospects might be improving, or they might be about to go into the tank. I have a lead on a job in the media, and another possibility in a different field could be opening. A third possibility is that I'll be doing temp work soon -- I can  type pretty fast, I think. This recession is brutal for us job-hunters.

Boats photographed, January 2010

Paula Ruble, Jincy, Mary Lucy Lane, Wally Roller, W.H. Dickhoner, Sylvia H, W.T. Tourtant, Mary Ellen Jones, James E. Pinson, Norman L. Snodgrass, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louise S, Ashland, Vernon C. Smith, Charlie Melancon, W.P. Snyder Jr., Oliver C. Shearer, Gate City.

Some of these boats were photographed while moving through floating river ice.
I have photos of about a dozen other boats that I could not identify, mostly because they were so far away my camera could not get clear images of their names.