Tuesday, September 6, 2011

River's rising

The Ohio River bank is going to be a bit of a nasty place for photographers and fishermen the next few days. It's been raining steadily here in the Huntington area since Sunday morning. The official forecast has the river rising another seven feet here by Friday, when it should start dropping.

The rise is only supposed to be two feet at Marietta for the sternwheel festival there this coming weekend. Cincinnati could get eight feet between now and Saturday. Louisville's forecast is a four-foot rise.

Locally, it must water coming out of the Kanawha.

Line tossing

When the guys who work on the M/V Charleston learned Adam wants to be a pilot someday, they told him about how long he had to be a deckhand before he could be considered for a pilot's job. And to be a deckhand, he has to learn to throw a line.

So Anthony Pettry decided to give Adam a couple of line tossing lessons. He got a short line with the loop in it and took Adam to the head of the boat. He told Adam to hold the loop just so, and to draw some slack and toss it underhanded.

It took Adam a few tries, and he aimed at the button and hit it before he got the timberhead twice in a row.

Later in the day, Pettry participated in the annual line tossing contest. It went to sudden death overtime, with Pettry up against the captain of his boat. And the winner was ....

Anthony Pettry. So Adam got his first line tossing lesson from a champion line tosser. How cool is that?