Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Four photos from yesterday

The M/V Higman Leader passing Huntington, W.Va.

The nice thing about this picture is that I shot it from a public right of way. Between me and the river was a house. As I was shooting, a woman told me I was free to go down in her yard and get my river shots any time I wanted. That was awful nice of her, as we say in these parts.

Here, the M/V Debbie Graham visits what used to be Merdie Boggs' Boat Store. I didn't think to see what name is on the sign now.

And the M/V Paul G. Blazer approaches Sand-O Harbor, or whatever people call it now, with empties from a recent trip downriver.

The Blazer is a sister boat of the Nashville, formerly known as the Valvoline. Twenty years ago this spring I got to ride the Valvoline from the Belleville Locks and Dam to Kenova, W.Va. It was a great day and a great trip. Too bad no photos from that trip survive, for some reason.