Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Casino boat for sale

I got an email from Heartland Barge this morning advertising a casino boat for sale. The price is $1,399,999.

Here is basic information from the email.

Vessel Service: Passenger (Inspected)Builder: Jeffboat LLCYear built: 1995Length/Width: 310' x 70'Depth: 14.6'Eye Level: 57'Main Engine (Stern) Stack Clearance: 80'
Ornamental (Forward) Stack Clearance: 96.7'
**Ornamental Forward Stack can be removed**
Gross Tonnage: 1589 Tons
Net Tonnage: 995 Tons

I didn't find the boat on Heartland's website. Either it's not there yet, or they, like my wife, know that the best way to hide something from me or my mini-me son is to put it in plain sight.