Sunday, April 19, 2020

Maysville bridge

When this lockdown or lockout period is over, I'll be taking a day trip to Maysville, Ky., and that area to see and photograph things in daylight and dark. There is some pretty scenery down there. A lot of it, really.

Realistically, I won't be able to go until mid-May. As luck has it, that's when the old bridge at Maysville will re-open to traffic after several months of repairs. That alone will be worth an extended blog entry with lots of photos.

Here's a teaser: The horizontal clearance between the river piers is about 1,000 feet. Unless I missed something on the navigation charts, that's the wider than any bridge upstream of the old bridge, and it's about the same if not a little less than that of the newer cablestay bridge a few miles down the river.

I'll need to find information on the bridge's construction, but the wide clearance is probably one reason it was built as a suspension bridge instead of a steel truss bridge. Again, more on that later.