Friday, October 30, 2009

Swan geese and bagels

My daughter is happy. This evening, the two feral swan geese that live at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington WV came up to her and ate a bagel out of her hand. We'd never seen them come close to a human before, let alone eat out of a person's hand.

Framed by withered leaves

The leaves that remains on trees are withering, so I thought I'd see how my favorite Ohio River bridge looked framed by some. This is what I saw.

Out of the Guyandotte

In  a few days, maybe, the Guyandotte River at Huntington WV will be covered with fallen leaves. There are a few on the river now, mostly along the shores. When the river is covered with leaves, it's a pretty sight.

If you stand up on the bank, you can see leaves out in the Ohio River. You can use the leaves to figure out where the current of the Guyandotte gives way to the Ohio.

At other times of the year, usually after a heavy rain, other objects mark the boundary between the Guyandotte and the Ohio. When  the Ohio goes down, it leaves those objects on the bank of the Ohio right below the mouth of the Guyandotte.

The Guyandotte River is maybe 170 miles long and runs mainly through five counties in West Virginia -- Wyoming, Mingo, Logan, Lincoln and Cabell. The amount of trash and litter that comes out of the Guyandotte testifies to ... you know.