Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New bridge at Madison, Indiana

Boy, I would like to take a day trip to Madison, Ind., where a new bridge is being built in an unconventional way.

Here is a photo of the old bridge.

The bridge project has its own web site.

People in Huntington don't want another barge dock

People in Huntington, W.Va., turned out at a public hearing conducted by the Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tuesday night to voice their opposition to a proposed barge dock over the floodwall from a residential area.

As you can tell from the link, the Huntington paper does not put all its news online for free. It tends to put teasers for some of its better stories online and tell people that if they want the whole story, they need to buy the paper. I can't fault them for that, although at times I'm puzzled by what stories they choose to restrict.

I didn't get to attend Tuesday's public hearing, but here is something I wrote about the dock back in July.

Here's the story as reported by the online HuntingtonNews.Net.

And here is something that a Huntington television station reported on the hearing.

This sentence in the WSAZ report struck me:

Coast Guard officials told that 20 barges across from Virginia Point in Kenova are the largest fleet on the Ohio River in the Huntington area.

Actually, from time to time I've seen more than 20 barges tied up at 311 fleet, which is still along the Huntington riverfront but downstream from the proposed dock. And I've seen some fleets close to that size tied up at Virginia Point itself. Those are places where barges out of the Big Sandy come to be assembled into tows for the line haul boats to carry off.

If I recall correctly, the original plans for the proposed dock included cleaning and repair services. Those could be pretty noisy, and I can understand why people in the neighborhood and across the river in Ohio might object. The last plans I saw for the proposed dock had no mention of cleaning or repair. But I grew up near a barge docking place, although nowhere near as big as this one. Eventually the noise and the light faded into the background of life there. It's like my last year at Ohio University. I lived near a Chessie System railroad track. The first night or two, the trains woke me when they went by. Eventually I barely noticed their coming and going. Whether that would be the case in Huntington, I don't know.

The kicker probably is the problem with the sewage treatment plant.

As with everything else, we'll have to see what happens.