Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catch Up Week, Day 4: Two more boats

Here are three photos from April 21, when Adam and I headed up the river to attend the introduction ceremony for the new, larger pilothouse simulator at the Point Pleasant River Museum and Learning Center. More on that later, after a publication that I wrote the story for prints it.

First, we got to the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam just after the Donna Rushing had exited it southbound.

Now whenever we see an AEP boat, we look for the "Port of" designation on the back to see if it's part of the operation that AEP is thinking about selling. As this one said it was registered to St. Louis instead of Lakin, we figured it's part of the fleet that's up for sale.

Then at the mouth of the Kanawha, we saw the Judith Ellen of Florida Marine sitting there.

We didn't know why it was there, and when we came out of the museum after the ceremony, the boat was gone.

That about does it for Catch Up Week. I've decided the other stuff I was going to post wasn't that interesting to begin with, so ...

I found some negatives of scenes I shot around the Gallipolis Locks and Dam in the mid 1980s. I'll probably run a few of those. If you remember the H.E. LeBarr, the Ole Miss and the Delta Queen, you might be interested.