Saturday, September 5, 2020

Trump flotilla on the Ohio (Updated)

Today a few Trump supporters with boats gathered on the Ohio River to show their support for the president's re-election campaign. By a few, I mean at least a hundred.

I went down there to see how many people would show up for this event, and I was surprised. Another surprise was that I saw no sign anywhere of people supporting Joe Biden. I looked for them, but if they were at the staging point, on a bridge sidewalk overlooking the river or at the end point at least twenty miles away, I missed them.

As a reminder, this blog does its best to stay out of politics, but if there is a river event related to politics and it brings people out, I'll cover it if I can.

This was a good day to see the variety of recreational craft on the river, that's for sure. By accident or design, I didn't see any barge traffic on the two ends of the flotilla.

I shot about a hundred photos from Huntington to Ironton. I saved maybe 25 of the best. Here is another one, taken up on Huntington's 6th Street bridge. The tractor driver is Paul Hart, a resident of Chesapeake, Ohio. In case there are any farm implement fans reading this, the tractor is an International Harvester Farmall Cub.

I may post more photos from the flotilla. It depends on how tomorrow goes.

P.S. Comment on the boats or the event itself if you want. Political comments will not be published.

UPDATE: The Huntington paper had its own photo gallery of the flotilla, and in the comments section readers posted photos of people holding Biden signs at the riverfront park as the flotilla went by. Some of the comments were unnecessarily ugly, which is one reason why comments here, if there are any, won't allow political bickering.