Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sistersville ferry's season begins

If I had the money and time, I would run up to Fly, Ohio, today. It's opening day for the Sistersville Ferry, one of the best things about West Virginia.

I would have the ferry take my car to West Virginia and then I would make a few trips as a pedestrian just to enjoy the river up there.

Later this spring I need to make a few trips on the ferry at Augusta, Ky., and the Anderson ferry at Cincinnati. I've yet to ride the one at Cave-In-Rock, Ill., but that one is on my bucket list.

The Sistersville ferry takes the winter season off in part because it doesn't receive as much money from the state as the Augusta and Cave-In-Rock ferries. The Anderson ferry is a private operation. Also, the Sistersville ferry does not run Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

However, being the only ferry between Pittsburgh and Augusta makes it a daytime tourist destination. It's one of my favorite places along the river, and I look for any excuse I can to get up there and take the trip across the river.