Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blennerhassett Bridge

I was up in the Parkersburg WV area a couple of weeks ago and got this shot of the Blennerhassett Bridge.

There's one good spot to get a shot of this bridge, and that's on a boat in the river. I hope to do just that next summer. But you know how they say life is what happens when you're making other plans.

Here's another.

It's a cool bridge to drive across. Sometime when the traffic is right, maybe I'll be brave enough to pull over, jump out of my car and get a picture of the river.

Roundup 11/30/2013

Wonder how Louisville looks from space, heat-wise? Check out the pictures here. I hope to actually read the article later today.


It looks like another Ohio River bridge is in the works, with this one up in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle.


In case you wonder how the Commonwealth of Kentucky is paying for a new bridge over the river at Louisville ...


Keeping with the Kentucky theme, here's a short article -- one of many lately -- about the coal woes of Central Appalachia.


Moving up the river a bit, Asian carp may or may not be present in the upper Ohio. This explains the ambiguity in an otherwise "duh" statement.


I can't believe I've not made it up to the river museum in Marietta, Ohio, yet. This gives me another reason to go.


That's about all for now. More later, maybe.