Monday, July 4, 2011

Links, part 2

Earlier today I said I wanted to put some more links on this page. I think I found some.

Riding on the Illinois

This is on the Illinois and Mississipp rivers rather than the Ohio, but it's still an outsider's look at life about a towboat.

More on hydropower

I've been writing lately about development and redevelopment of hydroelectric power on the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. For another take on the same subject, there's this story from the Evansville Courier & Press.


I'm adding new links to the blog. It will take a few days to get them all up, but I'm tracking down as many links as I can to put over there. So if you now of any that would be good to include, send them my way. I prefer links related to the river, of course.

Glen Ferris hydro

I was remiss a couple of weeks ago in not posting a couple of photos from way up on the Kanawha River, where I did an article last month on how a 100-plus-year-old hydroelectric plant is being refitted with modern technology to put power back into the grid.

The story is here. Bad link before. Sorry.

Here are the photos. The first is a wide shot of the dam and the power plant at the lower end of a series of falls at the beginning of the Kanawha.

The building on the left is the older plant, built in the 1890s. The one on the right is the 1917-era building. The folks who own the plant say it was easier to use the old buildings than to go through the permitting process to tear them down and put in new ones. Anyway, the old buildings look pretty nice.

Here's a closeup of the newer building.

Neat architecture, eh? You don't see that anymore unless someone is building a ballpark or rebuilding an old school.

Someday I'll get inside one of the hydroelectric plants on the Ohio River to see how a modern one operates.