Thursday, June 2, 2022

M/V Ohio (the latest version)

 This evening I got to see the latest version of the M/V Ohio when it passed through the Huntington area.

The boat was built in 1970 for Ohio Barge Line and named the Steel Courier. Ownership moved over to Ingram Barge in 1984 when Ingram purchased the assets of OBL (there's a personal story behind that one). In 1986 Ingram renamed it the Michael J. Grainger. That name stuck until this year when Amherst Madison bought the boat and renamed it the Ohio.

This is at least the second Ohio that Amherst has had. The other one that I know of was the former Ohio River Co. boat called the Orco. That boat was of design similar the one now known as the O. Nelson Jones. Around 2010 or maybe a year or tow later, Amherst sold the Orco and tne Indiana (the former Robert P. Tibolt, I think) to a company that shipped them to South America -- Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay.