Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Small boats working Big Sandy harbor

This past weekend I went down to Catlettsburg to see what could be seen. Several line haul boats passed through the area, as was recorded here.

Now for some of the smaller boats that worked the area that day.

Here the M/V Chris Arden pulled a barge from the tow of the M/V Titletown USA and took it a mile or so down the river.

Here, the M/V Mountain Girl pushed against the Titletown USA's tow while the Chris Arden did its job.

That was on the Ohio side. On the Kentucky side, these boats at Merdie Boggs stayed home during the short time I was there.

Things I wonder about, but not for long

I was at the Huntington riverfront today when a city fire engine was drawing water from the Ohio River and spraying it high into the air. Given the presence of a van nearby, I assume it was testing or calibrating equipment.

Then I saw a small boat from the Army Corps of Engineers pass by. It wasn't a big boat. It was the kind that had a cabin and can be pulled on a standard size trailer by a pickup. What stood out to me was the fact the boat had a couple of tow knees on the front. I wondered for a minute what the boat pushes, then my mind went on to other things.

Like the small boat that followed it. It was a flat-bottomed boat that was big enough for the three people in it. Only one person at a time stood. On the side in green letters was, "U.S. EPA". I didn't know what a boat that small with three people in it was doing, but I had other things to worry about.

And that summed up my curiosity for the day.