Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three things

The bridge that won't come down: City officials in Benwood, W.Va., near Wheeling are trying another tactic to get the private owner of an Ohio River bridge that's been closed for about 20 years to demolish it.


A bridge going up: The website for the Milton-Madison Bridge project provides information on what's happening with the bridge itself and with work on both sides of the river. And if you want to see what lifting a bridge into place looks like, check out this YouTube video.


Calliope: "American Cruise Lines acquired a 132-year-old Nichol steam calliope to be placed aboard its new 150-guest paddlewheeler, Queen of the Mississippi. The historic instrument, which originated from the Washington, a paddlewheel steamboat which operated on the Mississippi and Ohio River from 1880 to 1938, is being meticulously restored to full operation, and will then be installed aboard the Queen of the Mississippi."