Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A new river fan (confirmed)

I had to be in town yesterday afternoon. My granddaughter, who turned 2 last week, was with me. We saw a boat heading upriver, and we went to a spot to get a picture. This is what we saw when we got there:

I placed my girl on a large rock and told her to sit still while I got her picture with the bridge in the background. Being a two-year-old, she naturally ignored what I said and did what she wanted. She found a stick and tossed it in the river. Then came another stick. And another.

After a few minutes of this, I told her it was time to leave and I would carry her to the car. She walked instead. She got almost to the top of the hill when she saw a rock. She picked it up, thought about it for a second and walked back to the river's edge.

Okay, so she doesn't have her major league pitching form yet, but she has plenty of time to develop it.

I took me a while to get her away from the river. Actually, it took me a while before I realized I would have to carry her to the car, as there was no way she was walking away from the river voluntarily.

This is the fourth or fifth time I've had my granddaughter down at the river in the past year or so. Each time she has found another way to enjoy her time there. It looks like we have another generation of people who like to be near the river's edge. And there's nothing wrong with that.