Sunday, February 5, 2017

M/V Enterprise and M/V Austin C. Settoon

The Enterprise and the Austin C. Settoon were in my area today. With names like those, how could I not get photos?

The first one I saw was the Enterprise headed downbound I know not where. Perhaps it was returning to its home port of Covington, Ky. According to the Coast Guard vessel documentation website, the Enterprise is owned by C&B Marine Equipment LLC. It's 86 feet long and 34 feet wide. It was built in 2013.

This is where I tried to get clever and run a photo through an HDR program.

Eh, it kind of worked.

The Coast Guard has records of at least 98 commercial, fishing, recreational and other vessels named Enterprise, not counting variations.

The Enterprise encountered the northbound Austin C. Settoon right in front of where I stood, with a new growth of shrubs and stuff to block my view. Here is a view I got of the Settoon a few minutes later.

For some reason the autofocus on my camera has decided to give me trouble lately, so it didn't want to cooperate on most of the photos I got of the Settoon. Or maybe it was me.

For the record, the Austin C. Settoon is owned by Settoon Towing LLC of Pierre Part, La. It is 91.6 feet long and 34 feet wide. It was built in 2009 by Eastern Shipbuilding Group.

While there may be nearly a hundred boats named Enterprise, there is only one Austin C. Settoon.

The new Murray boat in black and white

Last night I figured I would play with some photos I took last September of the new Murray American Transportation towboat when it came up the Ohio River. The boat was on the hip of another boat, and the sun was in such a spot where I could not get a good shadow-free shot of the new boat.

As I did several things, I experimented to see how it would look in black and white. This is the better view, as the sun was behind my right shoulder.

And this is the view from the north, or Ohio, side of the river

I don't know if Murray American plans to have a christening ceremony, and I don't know if it plans to send the boat down this way any time soon when the lighting conditions are more favorable. If I get back to the upper part of the river again, I'll be on the lookout for it.