Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon over Huntington

As has been noted here before, I'm not that good at nighttime photography, but I keep trying. Last night I went up on the bridge to see what photos I could get at the rise of the supermoon, as people were calling it. It didn't come up where I wanted, but that was why I was on the bridge. On land, you're pretty limited in where you can shoot. On the bridge, I had a quarter mile of movement where I could decide what the foreground would be.

The astronomical tables said the moon would rise at 8:15, but my experience has been that the tables can be off by 20 minutes at my favorite shooting spots here in the Huntington, W.Va., area. As 8:15 neared, I was joined on the bridge sidewalk by six other people. One of them was carrying a point-and-shoot camera. We talked for a while until I saw the moon faintly peeking up over some clouds on the ridge behind downtown Huntington. At that time, conversation was over.

Here are some of the photos I got. I played with the colors on a couple to see if that improved them. I'll let others judge that.

M/V Yvonne Conway

The Yvonne Conway passed Huntington at around dark this evening. Despite my camera not being the best at getting nighttime shots, I got a few anyway.

This last photo is not great technically. You can look at the boat and verify that. But I like it because of the way the wheelwash looks.