Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still busy

One of these days, things in my life will slow down a bit and I can spend a few hours catching up here. But my duties at work will be hectic for at least another week, and there's that granddaughter I have to pay attention to a few nights a week. Meanwhile ...

If you're looking for some good drawings of towboats, check out Barry Griffith's work. Here's one that I found really, really good. Make that really, really, really. And no, I don't receive a cut or any other compensation from any sales of his work, or anyone's work except those of my employer through my regular salary, so any endorsements here are genuine.

And I have a niece in third grade in a state far from the Ohio River. She sent me Flat Stanley so he could see this area and tell her classmates about it. Naturally, I had to take him to the river and show him the skyline of beautiful downtown Huntington, West Virginia.

Today Flat Stanley might get a look at the Big Sandy harbor at Catlettsburg, Ky. and make a side trip to Ironton, Ohio. I hope he's not as reluctant to cross the 91-year-old Ironton-Russell Bridge as his cousins Adam and Hannah are.

We'll just have to see, won't we?

Flat Stanley has to leave for home Monday, so he'll have to get the rest of his river tourism in today and tomorrow.