Friday, April 15, 2011

Missed it by seconds ... again and again

I had to go get a son from his grandmother's house yesterday evening. On the way up the river, I saw the Miss Doris exiting the Gallipolis Locks and Dam (today I feel like calling it that, not the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam).

The sun was above my right shoulder as I shot this. As I moved slightly to get a better angle, I heard something on the river bank below, turned and saw this.

You'd think with all the herons that I've startled in the past two years that I would have thought to look for them, as I yearn to get a good photo of one up close, but no.

So I headed back up West Virginia Route 2. A few miles below Point Pleasant, I caught up with a northbound CSX train. Based on its speed and the position of the late afternoon sun, I figured that if I hurried, I might get a shot of it crossing the bridge over the Kanawha River. I got there in time, but just barely. As I got out of the car, I heard the rumble of the train on the trestle. There was no time to set up in a good spot, so I chose the closest one available and hoped for the best.

Now that I look it again, I might get a decent picture by cropping that tree from the bottom. But still it wouldn't be the one I wanted.

Anyway, as I started back to the car, I realized there might be a shot of the train on the trestle on the other side of the Kanawha. I hurried back to my shooting spot, but got there one or two seconds too late to get the photo I wanted. So I got this one.

On the drive home, I saw a nice sunset over the water of the Green Bottom swamp, er, Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area. By the time I had turned around and found a place to shoot from, the sun had already set enough to where the shot I wanted was gone and again I had to settle for second best.

Photography. A game of inches. Or seconds.