Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another rut

It's been a few days since I got an Ohio River picture that I was halfway excited about, so I dug into some that I took a couple of weeks ago. Here's one that makes me say, eh, it's okay. I converted it to black and white to see how it works.

Perhaps this weekend will bless me with a few good pictures that I can share. We'll have to see.

A river rat in the Legislature

Today I had to cover a special session of the West Virginia House of Delegates, one of two houses in the Legislature. Before the session, I had a conversation with Brady Paxton, a member of the House who also, I learned, is a river freak. He grew up along the Kanawha and had some stories to tell. I'll probably see him at the Point Pleasant river festival that's held on Labor Day weekend.

Now that I think about it, his desk was on the back row, which makes me think he either likes sitting next to the door or he got the House speaker miffed at him somehow. I'll have to ask the next time I see him.