Wednesday, March 11, 2015

M/V Enid Dibert

I had my newest boat chaser with me today. I asked her if she wanted to look for boats, and as usual she said yes. So we drove along Route 7 in Ohio and saw some loaded coal barges coming around a bend. It turned out to be a tow being pushed by the Enid Dibert of Crounse Corp.

I tried to center it on the bridge pier and tower, but I was off a little bit. This is cropped tight from a photo zoomed in as much as I could get it.

And here's the Dibert letting the current push the stern around so it can head down the Ohio.

Finally, here's my new boat chaser taking a minute to throw rocks and sticks. She can't help herself.

There are at least four men in her life who are crazy about her, so she has picked up some male habits. Good ones, like throwing sticks. And gross ones, like showing off the food she's chewing. But we'll keep her anyway.