Sunday, September 2, 2012

More pics from Point

It's taking a while to organize and touch up some of the pictures Adam and I got Friday and Saturday from the Tribute to the River festival at Point Pleasant, W.Va. We wish we could be in Marietta and Pomeroy the following two weekends, but we probably can't make both, unfortunately.

So here is the first batch of photos from Point Pleasant. Enjoy them if you can.

Sternwheelers -- and one sidewheeler -- tied up waiting for the parties to start.

As rain comes and goes and as clouds gather and part, the Silver Memorial Bridge looks might fine.

Open house over, the M/V AEP Legacy leaves the riverfront for some barges it dropped off the night before about a mile up the Kanawha River. This was taken between 5 and 6 p.m. The crew was going to rest until about midnight before heading out for Rockport.

This one is not one of those fancy Photoshop effects where you remove all the color except for something you want to highlight. This is how the scene really looked, with the rain muting the colors of about everything except the AEP Legacy.

Finally, this is how Adam looked as he sat in the AEP Legacy's pilot chair, realizing it will probably be another year before he sets foot on one of these things again.

As I edit them, we'll have, among others, photos of sternwheelers and the inside of the AEP Legacy.