Sunday, February 20, 2011

An item the news ... or two

Here on my home stretch of the Ohio River -- the Greenup and R.C. Byrd pools -- I remember back in the 1980s and even into the early 2000s when the suspected presence of the pink pearly mucket mussel was enough to bring any large construction project to a halt. From this article, it appears the folks in Paducah area have their own bivalve to worry about -- the fat pocketbook mussel.


Mount Vernon, Ind., must have a pretty busy river port, according to this brief item in the Wall Street Journal. The next time I'm down that way, I'll have to call ahead and ask around. Or maybe I'll just call and see if the folks there will talk to me for a piece for the blog.

Coming soon ...

Sorry for the light posting lately. I've been working on a river-related project that has occupied a lot of my time. I'll tell you more about it in a few days when it's closer to final form.