Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock ruckus

Perhaps the most pointless dispute between Ohio and Kentucky since ... I don't know, maybe ever ... should end Thursday, Nov. 4.

If you want to read an editorial I wrote when this silliness started, look here .

For a second editorial on the same subject, written about six months later, click here . Note that by this time, the Kentucky attorney general -- the same guy who lost the election for a U.S. Senate seat this week -- had gotten involved.

Ah, to see newspaper editorials using the word "puh-leeze," as mine did.

I'm a wannabe photographer, not a jumper

Perhaps it was inevitable. I mean, who goes up on a bridge over the Ohio River just to get pictures of towboats passing downtown Huntington, W.Va.?

I went up on the 6th Street bridge today to see if I could get something good of the Darrell L., which was downbound with 18 empty coal barges. It wasn't an oversize tow, as most of the barges were what I think they used to call stumbo barges -- as long as a jumbo but as narrow as a standard. As I was walking down off the bridge toward downtown Huntington, a police car came by, and the officer inside rolled down his passenger side window. He asked how I was doing. Fine, I said. I was up on the bridge getting photos of a towboat going by.

The officer said someone had called in to report a jumper. Not me, I said. He said he had to check it out. I said I understood. He asked my name. I told him.

So he went on, and I did, too. I waved at the two guys in the firetruck behind him.

So much excitement (?), and not much photographically from walk up on the bridge (and 25 cents in a parking meter).

However, I did a few decent shots when the boat was up the river going under Huntington's East End bridge and headed downriver. Here are three.

Silver Bridge memories

If you want to read some recently posted memories of the Silver Bridge collapse, which occurred on Dec. 15, 1967, you can read these that were posted recently.

You can also read some of mine at this link  as long as it remains active. It's from 2007. I did a large package on the Silver Bridge for the 20th anniversary in 1987, but that's not on line, of course.

Roebling Bridge to reopen

The historic Roebling Bridge in downtown Cincinnati is set to re-open to traffic this week after a paint job.

My son Joey and I walked across it in 2003, I think. I want to take that walk again if I'm ever in Cincinnati with some time to spare.