Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something to see by the river ... again

The towboat drought is over. Today I saw several boats out on the Ohio, and I even managed to get a few photos. I'm still going through them,  but here's one to whet your appetite until I can do some editing. This is the scene along the Ohio River at Catlettsburg, Ky., shortly after dark this evening.

More to come.

What a week

There hasn't been much posting this week, but it's not been from lack of trying.

Early in the week, when I went down to the river, there wasn't much going on. No traffic, few recreation craft, almost no one fishing. Just ... very little.

On Wednesday, I had this great plan to get some photos of the tugboat Mr. Russell as it passed through my area pulling one or more barges up the Ohio River toward the Mon. I figured the tug would pass Huntington around the time I got off work.

But we were late getting the paper out. On the drive home, I got caught in one of those inexplicable traffic jams that are common in Charleston WV. You're driving along at or about 10 mph above the posted speed limit (in the Charleston area, usually the second, mainly for self-preservation) and traffic slows to a crawl. You move along at 5 to 10 mph for a few miles until suddenly, for no reason, everyone returns to normal speed, and you see no reason for traffic to have slowed down at all.

When I got home, there was a family matter to take care of. By the time Adam and I got out of the house, we didn't get to the riverbank until 8 p.m. We drove up the Ohio about 15 miles and saw no sign of the Mr. Russell. It was getting dark, so we came home. Later I learned that the boat was locking through R.C. Byrd, about 30 miles up the river from us, at 8 p.m. Oh well.

Thursday evening, I was down by the river as a storm front moved through. There were great images to get, but I didn't have my good camera with me.

And Friday evening, after I made dinner, a downpour started.

I'm looking forward to getting something this weekend. There has to be one decent towboat come through while I'm down at the river. Or one person doing something interesting on a Jet Ski or a Sea Doo. Or one interesting sunset.

One can always hope.