Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas day on the river

Adam and I usually take time each Dec. 25 to see what's happening on the river. In years past we've caught an AEP boat tied up at Lakin WV for a while, presumably for the crew to enjoy some time off on the holiday. Or maybe it was there for regular business. We don't know.

We've also seen the Neil N. Diehl, the Lelia C. Shearer and the Sara Elizabeth out and about on the day. Today we saw the Earl Jones upbound at Point Pleasant WV. Across the river, we saw the Dan Elder dropping a couple of barges at what I think is called O-Kan Harbor.

Adam got these two shots while we crossed the Silver Memorial Bridge. The bridge is right next to where the boat left the barges. In this first shot, we just got up on the bridge.

In this shot, Adam was shooting into the sun while the camera was bracketing exposures. This was about 0.7 EV underexposed, and I played with it a little.

That was about all we saw, but it was more than we expected, really.