Saturday, June 25, 2022

M/V Judith Ellen

 I saw it as it passed South Point, Ohio, yesterday evening.

First, a beauty shot.

And then one that's more of a throwaway shot as it passes the Marathon Petroleum terminal at Kenova WV.

Same shot but processed as black and white and cropped to a different ratio.

Good light overall. Kind of bright,but the kind I can work with.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Saturday, June 18, 2022

A convention of Crounse boats

 The M/V Carrie Crisp, downbound with 15 loads of coal, passes the Deana Woosley and the Donna York (closest to shore).

The M/V Jackie Englert was also here at Catlettsburg and South Point today, but I didn't get any really good pictures of her. I got several, but none to brag about.

It was the most Crounse boats I had seen in one place at one time.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

American Countess, Part 1

 The American Countess arrived at Huntington WV around 10:30 a.m. yesterday and departed downbound around 5 p.m. -- during a mild rain that came and went. That made photography a bit difficult, as most digital cameras don't like rain. Mine is weather-resistant, but I don't interpret that to mean waterproof. Nevertheless, I got some photos in the rain.

First, the boat going under the Ashland KY bridges.

Then under the bridge connecting Ironton OH and Russell KY.

And last, this one as seen from Russell with Ironton in the background.

When I figured the boat was moving about 10 miles per hour and it would reach Greenup KY in less than an hour, I figured why not? Thus Part 2.

American Countess, Part 2

There's an unwritten rule that says if you own a camera and a big passenger boat is in your neighborhood, you must get a photo and share it online. Yesterday the American Countess was in the Huntington WV area, so I did my part to avoid coming down with the burning ague (King James language for an illness with a bad fever). Here is where I caught it having passed Greenup KY on its way down the river.

A few minutes before, the M/V Charles T. Jones came by pushing a few barges. I lucked out in that the two boats passed port to port, allowing me to get a photo with the barges between me and the American Countess. It was a different view.

I took these photos while holding an umbrella in my left hand and bracing the lens against it. It'snot easy getting sharp images while keeping your electronics from getting wet. Plus it was close to getting dark.

In case you're wondering where Part 1 is, I'm writing that one second. I wanted to post Part 2 first because I liked the images better.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

M/V Ohio (the latest version)

 This evening I got to see the latest version of the M/V Ohio when it passed through the Huntington area.

The boat was built in 1970 for Ohio Barge Line and named the Steel Courier. Ownership moved over to Ingram Barge in 1984 when Ingram purchased the assets of OBL (there's a personal story behind that one). In 1986 Ingram renamed it the Michael J. Grainger. That name stuck until this year when Amherst Madison bought the boat and renamed it the Ohio.

This is at least the second Ohio that Amherst has had. The other one that I know of was the former Ohio River Co. boat called the Orco. That boat was of design similar the one now known as the O. Nelson Jones. Around 2010 or maybe a year or tow later, Amherst sold the Orco and tne Indiana (the former Robert P. Tibolt, I think) to a company that shipped them to South America -- Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay.