Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Off Topic: New York City's commuter train tunnels

The infrastructure nightmare known as Lock and Dam 52 should go out of operation this summer when the new Olmsted Locks and Dam raises its pool. When it and Lock and Dam 53 are removed, that will be the end of the old low-lift system was completed in 1929 — nearly 90 years ago.

Of course, the three uppermost dams on the Ohio — Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery — have their problems, too, and they will need to be addressed at some point before a catastrophic failure occurs.

But they will have to compete with other lock and dam problems on other inland rivers that have had to wait while Olmsted has eaten up so much of the available money.

Speaking of competition, this article on Bloomberg details a number of problems with the crumbling passenger train infrastructure in the New York City area. If the problem gets worse — and the article says it will — you can expect heavy pressure from congressmen in that area for federal help.

The Bloomberg article is long, but it's worth taking the time to read.