Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The M/V Findlay passes Huntington again

But this time I was on the other side of the river as I attempted to get a few shots.

Part of the time I was almost shooting into the sun, which is not good, but these are results after some brief editing.

A boat, some barges and a bridge. What more would I need, except maybe for a dam? But that would require me to be at, what, McAlpine, Markland, Greenup, Hannibal or wherever. But today I was stuck in Huntington, so three out of four would have to do.

Meanwhile, back at Racine

If you want to see pictures of the barge recovery efforts at the Racine Locks and Dam, check out this Facebook page.

The 1985 archives

I found a couple of packages of old photo negatives the other night. They were in a place where I didn't think I had them stored, so it was a bit of a surprise to find them. I scanned about two dozen of them, and these are a few of them.

Based on other images in the same packages, I would say these pictures would not have been taken any later than 1985. That's just an educated guess, so if you know for a fact you were on one of these boats in the Greenup pool and it wasn't 1985 ... eh, I've been wrong before. I think it was in 1996, but I'm not sure.

First, here is the H.R. LeBar of M/G Transport Services. I don't know who thought a white boat with dark blue pilothouses and nameboards that could barely be read from shore was a good idea, but it was M/G's theme up until the end.

And here's the Ole Miss at the Gallipolis Locks and Dam back before construction on the new locks began.

Here are a couple more. As for the first one, I don't have the name of the boat, but the sign under the pilothouse says "WKN", which I assume means Western Kentucky Navigation. The insignia looks similar to the old Dravo Mechling logo.

This one is included because it was so typical of what I saw below the Gallipolis locks in the 1980s.

Finally, here's the Delta Queen approaching the locks.

And, and that's about it.

Oh, one more. The H.R. LaBar and the Ole Miss side by side at the Gallipolis.

Actually, that might not be the H.R. LeBar because I just found another picture taken that day. There were two M/G boats. I couldn't read the nameboard of either, but one -- which I'm pretty sure was not the LeBar, had a pilothouse that was not all blue. I think it is the M/G boat in this picture. So scrap my previous comment on this picture.

Now, that's it.