Monday, February 6, 2012


Folks up in Ambridge and Aliquippa, Pa., will have to deal with some longer commutes as the bridge connecting those two cities is closed most of this year and part of next for repairs. When a bridge falls to a sufficiency rating of 2 on a scale of 100, something has to be done, of course.

Not mentioned in the article is whether Pennsylvania has plans to replace the old bridge. I assume so, but when new bridges cost $50 million to $80 million minimum, it probably makes sense to keep the old ones going as long as possible.


Let's see. There's the Ambridge-Aliquippa bridge closing for repairs. You have the Sherman Minton bridge at Louisville closed for repairs. Any more?

Here's an article on the cost of bridge inspections in general. While not specific to the Ohio River, it does mention Sherman Minton and the cost of inspecting the bridge connecting Madison, Ind., and Milton, Ky.